tisdag 9 mars 2010


And so it have been Oscars again and some movies got there prices havent seen most of the movies as lol as usal they comes here later on.

Seen Avatar and loved it tho, and some of the movies there looks promising.

The Hurt Locker won Best Picture and seems like it can be a real good picture, which imma see then i can. Kathryn Bigelow won price for directing it as first female to get that price ever, very nice and she have also done some former good movies like near dark, point break and strange days which i personally liked alotta. Like her former husband not the movie maker that spits out several pictures each year, and more focus on projects she wanna do or then she wants. Everything are are about make the most movies its about make the best ones.

To mention i saw Inglorious Basterds which Christoph Waltz oscar for best supporting actor and yes i think that was well earned after playing that Nazi-jude hunting basterds so well in another good movie from Quention Tarantino. Well be fun see his next project.

Up won as best Animated picture this year and havent seen it yet but have the DVD here and yes imma see it as soon i get time and have a feeling i will like it hehe.

Sandra Bullock took the price for Beast leading actress in the movie Blind side, which i actually wating to see as it looked intresting to me so ill have to see what i think then i get the chance see it.

Grats to all the winners and hope rest of movies i not seen are good bet ill get to see some this year.

onsdag 10 februari 2010

My Movies

Gets asked about my DVD collection at times and to post pics to im now making a movie blog there can share some about my bit intrest of movies and collect DVDs.
We see what more topics will come up but then talking about movies the possibilites are kinda endless or at least as long as your imaginations or other.

Like today heard Vatican are to found of Avatar and its way of show the planet as a beings and more as a god than have another creator god as the christian way of belief, oh well guess all are in the mind to think as they do, still i think it a great movie.

Se you ppl around here then i hope and ill see some comments also =)

And for you that need a movie organizer here ill post a link to a good free one i used for years.


And here a link to download my register i made for it!


And the thumbs for it.